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DOWNLOAD: Jawnson – Free 2 Donate Drum Kit

Here it is, the “Jawnson – Free 2 Donate Drum Kit”

Drumkit contains 86 drums to get crazy with it.

Leave a message with a “thank you” or if you feel generous, you can also donate a small fee.

Also, on i’m selling drums. Those kits contain way more drums compared to the “Free 2 Donate Drum Kit” and includes Sound FX.




New remix on the horizon

Don’t really need to explain that much….

Last year i remixed Linkin Park – ‘The Catalyst’ and this year i wanted to challenge myself by remixing another Linkin Park song. This time i’ve picked New Divide.

I will be posting video like this from now on… so stay tuned for more!


Whatup producers,

We all know you can’t have too many drums and sometimes the drums we already have  gets boring.
I’ve collected drums from every beat session over the years and chopped from drum breaks.

So the drums i exported are the drums i used in several beats of mine.

Personally i love hard hitting drums, and felt like sharing this with you guys.

I’ll be posting drum kits in volumes to keep track.
If you like the drums drop a comment and if you can, i would really appreciate if you guys drop a donation.

– Michel